Fiona Parrott is a printmaker and gardener, based in Sussex.

I draw from nature and either carve my portraits of plants into wood blocks or expose my drawings on silkscreens to and print them by hand. My prints explore the colours, textures and sculptural qualities of plants and trees.

What is a woodcut print?

My original woodcut prints are created through a process called ‘relief’ printing. I cut away the areas around the image, leaving the raised image on my woodblock. The raised areas are inked by hand and I press the block and paper together on the press to make a ‘print’.

To create colour and texture in my prints, I use several techniques: I roll colour blends using a large roller; employ handpainting; and layer colour using the process of reduction. Many of my prints are made by handpainting the woodblock and taking an impression of this painting. I find that dabbing ink onto the block creates softer lines of colour that better capture the character of my subjects – the plants and trees. Reduction involves cutting away ever more areas of the woodblock to print a succession of layers after each preceeding layer has dried. It’s all part of the enjoyment of printmaking as a craft.

As I re-print a small number of prints from each woodblock at a time, the colours in an edition vary.

News & Events

2022 Look out for Fiona’s new webstore. Ordering prints and cards will soon become much easier. Please bear with me while I bring the new ordering system online and sign up to my occasional newsletter to hear about new work and horticultural projects.

How do I order?

To order original prints, please contact me by email. If you would like to purchase a set of greeting cards order here. Please sign up to my newsletter if you’d like to hear about new prints and receive news of the opening of my online shop that will streamline the ordering process.